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National Human Research Ethics: A Preliminary Comparative Case Study of Germany, Great Britain, Romania, and Sweden

Improving dissemination of study results: perspectives of individuals with cystic fibrosis

Guardianship and Clinical Research Participation: The Case of Wards with Disorders of Consciousness

Too Many Rationales, Not Enough Reason: A Call to Examine the Goals of Including Lay Members on Institutional Review Boards

Protecting the Privacy, Confidentiality, Relationships, and Medical Safety of Sex Partners in Partner Notification and Management Studies

Navigating multisite research set-up and approvals: helping researchers on the ground—a commentary

Readability and Understanding of Informed Consent Among Participants With Low Incomes: A Preliminary Report

Ethical consideration of the research proposal and the informed-consent process: An online survey of researchers and ethics committee members in Thailand

Researching young children’s perception of food in Irish pre-schools: An ethical dilemma

In Remembrance There Is Prevention: A Brief Review of Four Historical Failures to Protect Human Subjects

Description and Evaluation of the Research Ethics Review Process in Japan: Proposed Measures for Improvement

Enhancing ethics review of social and behavioral research: developing a review template in Ethiopia