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Organizing a Collaborative Development of Technological Design Requirements Using a Constructive Dialogue on Value Profiles: A Case in Automated Vehicle Development

Risk-Sharing in Highway Concessions: Contractual Diversity in Portugal

C. Oliveira Cruz and Marques, R. Cunha, Risk-Sharing in Highway Concessions: Contractual Diversity in Portugal, Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice, vol. 139, no. 2, pp. 99-108, 2013.

Understanding engineering work and identity: a cross-case analysis of engineers within six firms

Second-Guessing Scientists and Engineers: Post Hoc Criticism and the Reform of Practice in Green Chemistry and Engineering

Engineering ethics education on the basis of continuous education to improve communication ability.

Protecting the Privacy, Confidentiality, Relationships, and Medical Safety of Sex Partners in Partner Notification and Management Studies

Transforming Genetic Research Practices with Marginalized Communities: A Case for Responsive Justice