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Instructor Toolkit - Values and Policy in Interdisciplinary Environmental Science: A Dialogue-based Framework for Ethics Education

Anticipatory life-cycle assessment for responsible research and innovation

Engineering and the social sciences: historical evolution of interdisciplinary approaches to hazard and disaster

Embracing variety: introducing the inclusive modelling of (Parliamentary) technology assessment

Discourse Ecology and Knowledge Niches: Negotiating the Risks of Radiation in Online Canadian Forums, Post-Fukushima

Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework

P. Brey, Benčin, R., Waro, Z., Jansen, P., Sattarov, F., Reijers, W., Koivisto, R., Tuominen, A., Strle, G., Vejnović, D., Agata, G., Kapeller, A., and Callies, I., Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework , Stakeholders Acting Together on the Ethical Impact Assessment of Research and Innovation – SATORI, 2017.