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Cultivating engineering ethics and critical thinking: a systematic and cross-cultural education approach using problem-based learning

Improving Case-Based Ethics Training with Codes of Conduct and Forecasting Content

Validity and Reliability of an Instrument for Assessing Case Analyses in Bioengineering Ethics Education

The Importance of Formative Assessment in Science and Engineering Ethics Education: Some Evidence and Practical Advice

A Single Instrument: Engineering and Engineering Technology Students Demonstrating Competence in Ethics and Professional Standards

Methods of Incorporating Understanding of Professional and Ethical Responsibility in the Engineering Curriculum and Results from the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination

Creating an Instrument to Measure Leadership, Change, and Synthesis in Engineering Undergraduates

An Assessment of Engineering Students’ Curricular and Co-Curricular Experiences and Their Ethical Development

Assessing Freshman Engineering Students' Understanding of Ethical Behavior