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The Prescription Drug Pricing Moment: Using Public Health Analysis to Clarify the Fair Competition Debate on Prescription Drug Pricing and Consumer Welfare.

Company Connections

Company Connections . Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology , Chicago, IL , 2010.
It had been a long, often frustrating semester for David. The IPRO project had started out perfectly, he was in a team with three of his closest friends, and was interested in the problem his team was finding a solution for – working for the local company ValCor to try and speed up the manufacturing and shipping of industrial components. David knew that involvement in this project would look great on his resume, and he even had an in with the company.

Integrating Ethics & Engineering: A Graduate Option in Systems Engineering, Ethics, and Technology Studies

Data barns, ambient intelligence and cloud computing: the tacit epistemology and linguistic representation of Big Data