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  1. Teaching Ethics in the High Schools: A Deweyan Challenge

    setting. She also looks at Peter Singer's essay, "Moral Experts" to see if moral expertise ...

    KBL781 - 2011-08-09 15:17

  2. Student-Driven Courses on the Social and Ecological Responsibilities of Engineers

    using moderators who lead discussions, rather than experts who lecture. Consequently, the students ...

    KBL781 - 2013-12-12 15:22

  3. Making Choices: Ethical Decisions in a Global Context Firenze, Paul 3; Email Address: Hanavan, Julianne 4; Email Address: ...

    KBL781 - 2016-08-15 15:43

  4. Mental Models: An Alternative Evaluation of a Sensemaking Approach to Ethics Instruction

    sensemaking approach, the authors also studied mental models of field experts, faculty, and graduate students ...

    KBL781 - 2009-09-04 14:10

  5. Institutional obstacles to integrating ethics into the curriculum and strategies for overcoming them

    with recommendations for overcoming these obstacles. URL ...

    KBL781 - 2017-01-09 12:49