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  1. Resolving a Conflict Between APA Learning Goals and APA Ethical Principles

    Publication:  Journal Article Subject:  Goals of Ethics Education Discipline:  Psychology

    KBL781 - 2009-09-08 11:44

  2. Education Improvement in Construction Ethics

    Publication:  Journal Article Subject:  Pedagogical Materials Discipline:  Engineering

    KBL781 - 2009-07-29 15:49

  3. Opportunity: Call for Applications- Fellows-in-Residence 2016-17, Harvard University

    ... hierarchies, and other patterns of domination constructed on social categorizations of difference. In the case of the U.S., African American ... around this theme that unite faculty in the arts and sciences with faculty in the professional schools would be productive. And, of ...

    KBL781 - 2015-10-01 15:18

  4. Shaping ways of managing diversity in Portuguese schools, from the student's perspective

    Publication:  Journal Article Subject:  Diversity Discipline:  Education Research Sociology

    KBL781 - 2015-04-14 10:16 - 0 comments

  5. Development and Application of Competencies for Graduate Programs in Energy and Sustainability

    Publication:  Journal Article Subject:  Sustainable Development Discipline:  Engineering

    KBL781 - 2015-07-15 10:25 - 0 comments

  6. The rise of the engineering profession in eighteenth century Europe: an introductory overview

    Publication:  Journal Article Discipline:  Engineering

    KBL781 - 2015-03-23 16:04 - 0 comments

  7. Bioethics in Healthcare: Engaging Professionals, Researchers, and Stakeholders

    ... research ? Multicultural ethical dilemmas in nursing, social work and counseling ? Micro-allocation and macro-allocation issues in ... The College of Science & Math, The College of Health Sciences & Human Services, UTPA Continuing Education, and local hospitals and ...

    KBL781 - 2011-01-28 14:49 - 0 comments

  8. About the Ethics Education Library

    ... on teaching ethics in all areas of science, engineering, the social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities. These are all searchable by ...

    KBL781 - 2014-11-03 16:34

  9. Strategies for Teaching Research Ethics in Business, Management, and Organizational Studies

    Publication:  Journal Article Subject:  Instructional Methods Discipline:  Business

    KBL781 - 2012-07-20 11:45 - 0 comments

  10. Complex Organizational Failures: Culture, High Reliability, and the Lessons from Fukushima

    Publication:  Journal Article Subject:  Risk Assessment Discipline:  Engineering

    KBL781 - 2012-10-04 13:52 - 0 comments