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Workshop - Integrating professional issues into the technical curriculum: Teaching students about the challenge of professionalism and ethics in an increasingly automated world living with sophisticated machines



The Ethics Education Library collects materials focusing on the teaching of practical and professional ethics. It features scholarly articles, books, reports from government and academic institutions, case studies, syllabi, and examples of what others have done to integrate ethics into their grant proposals, courses, or university program. The Ethics Education Library can be searched in a number of ways.

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A place to begin your search for instructional methods, syllabi, and links to some beginning resources on integrating ethics into your course, research project, or workshop.

Case Study Method

Cases studies have long been a key tool in ethics education. They can be used to initiate class discussions, made into technical problems that can be integrated into technical problem sets, or be integrated into workshops or laboratory meetings.

About the Ethics Education Library

The Ethics Education Library seeks to help connect people interested in developing new and interesting ethics training methods and programs, to disseminate best practices and tools that have already been developed, and to ultimately foster the creation of new methods and programs for teaching students about ethical issues inherent in research and practice. We work closely with the staff of the Online Ethics Center of the National Academy of Engineering in the development of this resource.