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Definitions and Conceptual Dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation: A Literature Review

Justifications for Non-Consensual Medical Intervention: From Infectious Disease Control to Criminal Rehabilitation

Womb Rentals and Baby-Selling: Does Surrogacy Undermine the Human Dignity and Rights of the Surrogate Mother and Child?

The Potentiality of a Healthy Self: Evaluating Progressively Empowered Internalisation and Diagnosis through the Lens of Existential Epistemology

The Guinea Phase III Ebola Vaccine Trial: Lessons for Research Ethics Review in Public Health Emergencies.

The Latest in Vaccine Policies: Selected Issues in School Vaccinations, Healthcare Worker Vaccinations, and Pharmacist Vaccination Authority Laws.

Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework

P. Brey, Benčin, R., Waro, Z., Jansen, P., Sattarov, F., Reijers, W., Koivisto, R., Tuominen, A., Strle, G., Vejnović, D., Agata, G., Kapeller, A., and Callies, I., Outline of an Ethics Assessment Framework , Stakeholders Acting Together on the Ethical Impact Assessment of Research and Innovation – SATORI, 2017.