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Advance directives in dementia research: The opinions and arguments of clinical researchers - an empirical study

Scientists' Ethical Obligations and Social Responsibility for Nanotechnology Research

The Three Rs of Animal Research: What they Mean for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Why

Attitudes Toward Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for Genetic Disorders Among Potential Users in Malaysia

Ensuring the Quality, Fairness, and Integrity of Journal Peer Review: A Possible Role of Editors

Connecting Past with Present: A Mixed-Methods Science Ethics Course and its Evaluation

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Ethical Views of Buddhist, Hindu and Catholic Leaders in Malaysia

Ludwik Fleck: On Medical Experiments on Human Beings : Paradoxical Infrastructures: Ruins, Retrofit, and Risk

Creating Inquiry Between Technology Developers and Civil Society Actors: Learning from Experiences Around Nanotechnology