The Rightful Place of Science : Government and Energy Innovation

TitleThe Rightful Place of Science : Government and Energy Innovation
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSarewitz, D
Series TitleThe Rightful Place of Science
Date Published11/2014
PublisherConsortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number 978-0692297506
AbstractInnovation in the energy sector is necessary to maintain economic competitiveness, meet ever-increasing energy demands, and limit the changes to our atmosphere caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Key to advancing the necessary innovations is an understanding of the vital role of the public sector. Government support has been crucial for transforming lower-carbon energy technologies, ranging from solar power to biofuels to efficient gas turbines, into fundamental components of a cleaner U.S. energy sector. But the government role has been highly complex, and its contributions have been uneven. In a series of in-depth case studies, The Rightful Place of Science: Government & Energy Innovationexamines the many ways in which government innovation policies and activities, often carried out in close partnerships with the private sector, have helped to create and steer the development and improvement of technologies that underlie the energy infrastructure of the future.
Audience LevelGraduate