Soylent Hunger

TitleSoylent Hunger
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFunke, MB, Boxall, SF, Funke, RD, Myers, GA, Potthast, A
Date Published09/2014
PublisherAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics
Publication LanguageEnglish
AbstractHalf of the world's population is poor, while a third is so improverished that it lives on the brink of starvation. A proposed solution to this problem is to mass-manufacture and distribute a drink called "Soylent," that is touted as a solution for more costly whole-foods meals. The drink is designed to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients at around $3 per meal. It does not spoil, and could be distributed to underdeveloped countries easier than fruits and vegetables. However, skeptics believe that more local food solutions are needed to endemic famine.
NotesCopyright 2014, Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Case from the 2014 Regional Ethics Bowl