Indigenous Peoples vs. Endangered Species

TitleIndigenous Peoples vs. Endangered Species
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsFunke, RD, Potthast, A, Boxall, SF, Diaz-Sprague, R, Funke, MB, Myers, GA
Corporate AuthorsAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics,
Date Published09/2011
PublisherAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsBIOLOGY , ENVIRONMENTAL , ENVIRONMENTAL ethics , Environmental Sciences , PUBLIC , Public Policy , SOCIAL , Social Justice
AbstractIn the Amazon rain forest of Brazil, indigenous fisherman kill pink river dolphins for profit. They use the dolphins' meat as bait to catch fish they sell to customers outside of their community, and use the oil from the dolphins' fat as treatment for rheumatism. Killing dolphins is essential to sustaining their native way of life. However, the dolphins are an endangered species, and Brazilian environmental laws make it illegal to kill a pink river dolphin. The question remains how should indigenous cultures be preserved and respected when these traditions threaten endangered species?
NotesCase Study prepared for the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Regional Competitions, 2011
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