Issues in the Workplace

TitleIssues in the Workplace
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of PublicationSubmitted
Corporate AuthorsWhitehead Institute for Biomedical Research,
PublisherWhitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsbusiness , education , MEDICINE , SCIENCE , Supervisor/Trainee
AbstractThis is a collection of three case studies looking at common ethical situations that can arise in workplace settings. The collection includes the following case studies.In "Reading Signals", a postdoc begins making unwelcome advances on a graduate student working in the same lab, and uses the potential for being named as an author on a paper to try and get the graduate student to go out to dinner with him. In "Maternal Effect", a female senior post-doc is making her fellow male postdocs uncomfortable with the posters she decorates her cubicle with and her habit of making physical contact with her co-workers - like putting her arm around their shoulders when something is not going well. Finally, in "Don't Worry About Me" a number of individuals worker in a lab notices that the chairman of the molecular biology department has been extremely short-tempered with his administrative assistant Sylvia, who seems visibly upset by his outbursts. However, when her colleagues ask if they can help, she tells them not to go out on a limb for her.
NotesThanks to Stephanie Bird for permission to share these case studies.