Lenses for Socio-Technical Systems

TitleLenses for Socio-Technical Systems
Publication TypeTeaching Module
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFrey, WJ
Corporate AuthorsUniversity of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez,
Date Published11/2010
PublisherUniversity of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Publication Languageeng
Keywordsbusiness , BUSINESS ethics , ethical decision-making , Teaching Modules
AbstractThis module, developed for graduate students in business administration, helps them to explore the broader social and technical impacts of business systems, services, and products. It has been developed to compliment another module, "Social and Technical Systems for Professional Decision-Making, m14025. Students are provided with three lenses under which to view social and technical impacts: Technological Determinism, Social Construction, and Technological Politics. These lenses come from Robert Heilbroner, Trevor Pinch and Wiebe Bijker, and Langdon Winner. It provides exercises that can be used to complement the readings provided in Technology and Society edited by Deborah Johnson and Jameson Wetmore. This module is also a part of the EAC Toolkit, a project developed under National Science Foundation grant SES 0551779.
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