Ethical Pluralism : An Alternative to Objectivism and Relativism

TitleEthical Pluralism : An Alternative to Objectivism and Relativism
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsLengbeyer, LA
JournalTeaching Ethics: The Journal of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum
Date PublishedFall 2004
PublisherSociety for Ethics Across the Curriculum
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number15444031
KeywordsPHILOSOPHY , Teaching Moral Theories
AbstractThis article discusses how, in ethics courses, students are naturally drawn to ethical relativism even after becoming aware of its shortcomings, because it seems the better option when compared with ethical objectivism. They worry about being viewed as intolerant and judgmental and so shy away from potential alternatives to relativism. The author describes how introducing students to ethical pluralism can be a good method of remedying this situation, as ethical pluralism acknowledges that there can be multiple correct answers to ethical questions, rather than only one. Resting between the poles of relativism and objectivism, the author describes ethical pluralism in detail and why it might be the best alternative in this case.
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