Why a State P.E. Board Should Enter an Amicus Curiae

TitleWhy a State P.E. Board Should Enter an Amicus Curiae
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsElden, WE
Corporate AuthorsOnline Ethics Center,
Series TitleWrongful and Regulatory Discharge Essays
PublisherNational Academy of Engineering, Online Ethics Center
Publication Languageeng
AbstractThis paper presents a strong argument as to why, in cases where a terminated licensed Professional Engineer alleges wrongful discharge in a suit against a former employer, his/her State or National P.E. Licensed Board should enter an Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court) legal brief in the case. The basic premise is the obligation of the P.E. Board to protect the public, and not necessarily the P.E. directly. The author shows, however, that by a P.E. Board taking such Pro Active legal action, the result is the protection of the proper practice of engineering, thus protecting the public, with an indirect benefit to the P.E. Further, an engineer derives the right to practice ethically and should expect his/her professional engineering society to defend that right.
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