CS 291 - Computers, Ethics, and Social Responsibility

TitleCS 291 - Computers, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
Publication TypeSyllabi
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsNissenbaum, HF
Corporate AuthorsPrinceton University,
PublisherPrinceton University
Publication Languageeng
Keywordscomputer , COMPUTER science , ethics , ethics courses , PHILOSOPHY
AbstractThis is an older course that was taught by Helen Nissenbaum at Princeton Univ. The page includes very complete notes on lectures and presentations, syllabus, assignments, paper topics and guidelines, final examination, links of general interest in the area of computer ethics; links sorted by course topics, which include risk and responsibility, ethical theory, intellectual property and computer software, privacy and information technology, crime by computer, the networked world.
Audience LevelInstructor
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