The Ecological Footprint Dilemma

TitleThe Ecological Footprint Dilemma
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2009
PublisherNational Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, University at Buffalo
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsBIOETHICS , BIOLOGY , campus , carbon , ECOLOGICAL , ECOLOGY , ENVIRONMENTAL , ENVIRONMENTAL ethics , Environmental Sciences , GLOBAL , NATURAL , non-renewable , RENEWABLE , SUSTAINABILITY , sustainable
AbstractIs it better to have a new parking lot on campus or use that space to develop a community garden? This is the issue presented in this "clicker case" as students are involved in the decision-making process to make a recommendation to administrators at their university. In the process, students learn about concepts related to sustainability and the challenges of developing more sustainable life styles. They also calculate their ecological footprint. The case combines the use of student personal response systems (clickers) with case teaching methods and formats. It is presented in class using a series of PowerPoint slides (~800KB) punctuated by questions (called "clicker questions") that students respond to before moving on to the next slide. Written for a non-majors introductory biology class, the case would also be suitable for courses in ecology, environmental science, conservation biology, environmental studies, and general biology.
NotesCase from the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, University of Buffalo.
Abbreviated Case NameThe Ecological Footprint Dilemma
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