Evaluating Ethical Decision Making and Computer Use

TitleEvaluating Ethical Decision Making and Computer Use
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsLoch, KD, Conger, S
JournalCommunications of the ACM
Type of ArticleArticle
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number00010782
Accession Number12619522
Keywordsbusiness , computer , Computer Ethics , COMPUTER science , DECISION , ethical decision-making , SELF-perception , SOCIAL
AbstractIn this article, authors present the results of an exploratory survey identifying user's attitudes and behavior when computer privacy and resource-ownership situations are encountered. The theory of Reasoned Action (TRA), frequently used to describe ethical decision-making behavioral, relates attitudes and social norms to individual behavioral intentions. TRA is inadequate to explain ethical behaviors involving the use of computers. Organizations are increasingly interested in sensitizing employees to the ethical components of their everyday business decisions. This article presents extensions to attempt to better understand ethical decisions in computer use. This study shows that both attitudes and social norms play an important role in determining individuals' intentions to perform computing acts relating to privacy and ownership, and that men and women use different decision cues in forming their intentions toward computing acts. Self image was a new variable developed to address the inconsistent findings of past research.
NotesLoch, Karen D. 1; Email Address: kloch@gsu.edu; Conger, Sue 2; Email Address: sconger@mail.cox.smu.edu; Affiliations: 1: Associate Professor, Department of Decision Sciences, Georgia State University.; 2: Visiting Assistant Professor, Management Information Sciences Department, Southern Methodist University.; Issue Info: Jul96, Vol. 39 Issue 7, p74; Thesaurus Term: DECISION making; Thesaurus Term: BUSINESS planning; Thesaurus Term: COMPUTER security; Subject Term: COMPUTER users; Subject Term: SOCIAL norms; Subject Term: SELF-perception; Number of Pages: 10p; Illustrations: 10 Charts, 3 Graphs; Document Type: Article
Short TitleEvaluating Ethical Decision Making and Computer Use
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