Software Engineering Code of Ethics is Approved

TitleSoftware Engineering Code of Ethics is Approved
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsGotterbarn, D, Miller, K, Rogerson, S
JournalCommunications of the ACM
Type of ArticleArticle
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number00010782
Accession Number11931626
Keywordsethics , professional , professional codes of ethics , software , software engineering , VALUES
AbstractThe article presents information on the software engineering code of ethics which has been approved and adopted by both the ACM and the IEEE-Computer Society. The article discusses the major changes that took place between version 3.0 and the currently approved version 5.2. There were many changes made in the code between these two versions. The original eight principles were reordered to reflect the order in which software professionals should consider their ethical obligations-version 3.0's first principle was the Product while version 5.2's first principle is the Public. The preamble to the code was significantly revised. It includes specific ethical standards to help the professional make ethical decisions. The code emphasizes the professional's obligations to the public at large. This obligation is the final arbiter in all decisions. The code contains a clause against using prejudices or bias in any decision making. The intent of this clause is to be open ended, thus enabling it to include consideration of new social concerns. The ACM and the IEEE Computer Society are continuing to support the professionalism of software engineering by establishing the software engineering Professional Ethics Project. The focus of this project will be to help make the code an effective practical instrument. This will include publishing case studies, supporting further corporate adoption of the code, developing curriculum material, running workshops, and collaborating with licensing bodies and professional societies. INSET: CODE OF ETHICS AT A GLANCE..
NotesGotterbarn, Don; Miller, Keith; Rogerson, Simon; Issue Info: Oct99, Vol. 42 Issue 10, p102; Thesaurus Term: PROFESSIONAL ethics; Thesaurus Term: SOFTWARE engineering; Thesaurus Term: PROFESSIONAL standards; Subject Term: ETHICS; Subject Term: VALUES; Number of Pages: 6p; Document Type: Article
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