Owning scientific and technical information : value and ethical issues

TitleOwning scientific and technical information : value and ethical issues
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsWeil, V, Snapper, JW
Paginationx, 309 p.
PublisherRutgers University Press
Place PublishedNew Brunswick
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ISBN NumberISBN: 0813514541 :; 9780813514543; 081351455X (pbk.) :; 9780813514550 (pbk.) LCCN: 89-30377
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KeywordsBrevets , Data , data management , Datenverarbeitung. , Eigendom. , ENGINEERING , Ethische , Informatie. , Intellectual , Intellectual Property and Patents , Law , Octrooirecht. , Patent , Patentrecht. , Propriété , SCIENCE , Sociale , Technischer , United , Urheberrecht. , USA.
AbstractIn recent years, scientific discoveries and new technologies - as well as new, intricate relationships among academic researchers, government, and private industry - have begun to pose a whole range of novel problems in intellectual property rights. Should computer software be patented or copyrighted? How can ownership of plant varieties, genetically engineered organisms, and their products be protected? Should body parts and cell lines derived from them be patented? What is the impact of changes in intellectual property rights on the process of scientific research and development? Beyond practical questions and their economic implications lie important ethical and philosophical ones. Should ideas and information be owned at all? How should the proprietary rights of the inventor be balanced against society's right to the free flow of information and equal access to the use of a discovery? The fifteen essays in this volume provide a solid foundation for any discussion of these issues. They survey the current intellectual property system in the U.S., describe several important historical precedents, explore ongoing controversies in computer science and biotechnology, and offer critiques of leading moral and legal theories about ownership of knowledge.
Notes24 cm.General overview of the intellectual property system / Rochelle Cooper Dreyfuss -- Patents in complex contexts : incentives and effectiveness / Sidney G. Winter -- Recent changes in the patent law that affect inventorship and ownership / Patrick D. Kelly -- Ethical issues in proprietary restrictions on research results / Alan H. Goldman -- Patenting and academic research : historical case studies / Charles Weiner -- Biotechnology, plant breeding, and intellectual property : social and ethical dimensions / Frederick H. Buttel and Jill Belsky -- Appendix : agrigenetics and agricultural genetics / Jack Kloppenburg -- Reverse engineering software under copyright law : the IBM PC BIOS / Duncan M. Davidson -- Innovation and competition : conflicts over intellectual property rights in new technologies / Pamela Samuelson. Patenting microorganisms : threats to openness / A.J. Lemin -- Patenting body parts : a sketch of some moral issues / Carl F. Cranor -- Moral foundations of intellectual property rights / Arthur Kuflik -- Patents, natural rights, and natural property / Michael Davis -- Commentary : legal and ethical issues / Gerald Dworkin -- The university, scientific research, and the ownership of knowledge / Leonard G. Boonin -- The intellectual property literature : a structured approach / Patrick Croskery -- A selected annotated bibliography of the intellectual property literature / Patrick Croskery.Includes bibliographical references (p. 283-300) and index.edited by Vivian Weil and John W. Snapper. More Records: Show record informationBook
Short TitleOwning scientific and technical information : value and ethical issues
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