Student cheating and plagiarism in the Internet era : a wake-up call

TitleStudent cheating and plagiarism in the Internet era : a wake-up call
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsLathrop, AFK
Paginationxiv, 255 p.
PublisherLibraries Unlimited
Place PublishedEnglewood, Colo.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number 9781563088414
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Call NumberLC: LB3609; Dewey: 371.5/8
KeywordsCHEATING , Copiage. , education , Internet , Internet. , plagiarism , Schulbetrug.
AbstractOffers ideas and strategies to educators and parents for combating the increase in cheating and plagiarizing that has accompanied access to the Internet, discussing the extent of the problem, looking at high- and low-tech defenses against cheating, and examining ways to make it more difficult to cheat.
Notesill. ; 25 cm.A call to action: what we can do. High-tech defenses against cheating and plagiarism : information as a first line of defense -- High-tech defenses against cheating technologies -- Blocking, filtering, and rating systems -- Can legislation deter plagiarism? -- Using technology to identify plagiarism -- Web sites with resources for countering plagiarism -- Searching the Internet for the originals of plagiarized papers -- Student plagiarism in an online world / Julie J.C.H. Ryan -- Parents: vigilant, informed, involved : be vigilant about cheating and plagiarism -- Be informed about technology in your schools. Be involved in school activities and assignments -- Be a model of ethical behavior -- Be ethical in dealing with student cheating or plagiarism -- Can "too much" help be harmful? -- Honoring tomorrow's leaders today / Paul C. Krouse -- Integrity, ethics, and character education : 1997 yearbook of the national society for the study of education -- Character education at teacher-training institutions -- The power of story--literature that models ethics and integrity -- Institutes and centers that support ethics, integrity, and character education -- Resources to support integrity, ethics, and character education. Student discussions of integrity and ethical behavior -- The six E's of character education: practical ways to bring moral instruction to life for your students / Dr. Kevin Ryan -- Academic integrity policies : Initiating an action plan -- Gathering local statistical data -- Honor code or integrity policy? -- School board, administrative, and faculty leadership -- Student leadership -- Acceptable use policies -- Fair enforcement and an ethical school culture -- publicizing the academic integrity policy -- Working with new students -- Academic integrity policies and honor codes online -- One high school's academic honesty code. Honor codes: teaching integrity and interdependence / Lewis Cobbs -- Defining cheating and plagiarism for students : Learning to recognize cheating and plagiarism -- Permissible collaboration -- Ethical use of writing centers and private tutors -- Copyright issues -- Explaining collaboration and plagiarism to students from other cultures -- But I changed three words! Plagiarism in the ESL classroom / Lenora C. Thompson and Portia G. Williams -- Dealing with student dishonesty : Why shouldn't I cheat? -- Dealing with suspected cheating or plagiarism -- Suggestions for informing parents -- Fair and effective penalties. Concern for privacy rights -- Requiring that an assignment or test be completed fairly -- Notes on cheating for the busy classroom teacher / Berk Moss -- Taking action: making it more difficult to cheat and plagiarize. Reducing cheating on tests and assignments : "Smart-people" tests -- Grading for mastery vs. grading on a curve -- Teachers who care about cheating -- Reducing cheating on tests -- Discouraging cheating on class assignments, homework, lab reports, etc. -- The librarian-teacher team : The librarian as team teacher -- Real-life importance of research -- Librarians are sources of information about the Internet. Teachers and librarians collaborate on research assignments -- Librarians make research materals easily accessible -- Cyber-plagiarism faculty workshop -- -- Identifying and reducing plagiarism : "High-tech" and "low-tech" plagiarism -- Unintentional plagiarism -- Indicators of possible plagiarism -- Dear teacher, Johnny copied / Louise A. Jackson, Eileen Tway, and Alan Frager -- Structuring writing assignments to reduce plagiarism : Evaluating both the research process and the product -- Student writing handbook -- Structuring an effective assignment for a report or research paper -- Teaching practices that encourage or eliminate student plagiarism / Susan J. Davis-- Tools for writing without plagiarizing : Lessons -- Antiplagiarism strategies for research papers / Robert Harris -- Alternatives to traditional writing assignments : Lessons -- Online sites for reports and research papers.Includes bibliographical references and index.Ann Lathrop and Kathleen Foss. More Records: Show record informationBook
Short TitleStudent cheating and plagiarism in the Internet era : a wake-up call
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