University-business partnerships : an assessment

TitleUniversity-business partnerships : an assessment
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsBowie, NE
Series TitleIssues in academic ethics; Variation: Issues in academic ethics.
Paginationxii, 285 p.
PublisherRowman & Littlefield
Place PublishedLanham, MD
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ISBN Number9780847678969
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KeywordsACADEMIC-industrial , Conflict of Interest , education , ENGINEERING , Hochschule , Industrie , industries , Kooperation , MEDICINE , Partenariat , Recherche , research , SCIENCE , United , Universities , University/Industry Collaboration , USA , Wirtschaft
AbstractAfter reviewing the history of university partnerships, the author discusses corporate goals in these partnerships and emphasizes the federal role in facilitating partnerships of this kind. The author also provides a social and ethical assessment of the advantages and conflicts that can arise in these conflicts. The author concludes by analyzing how university-industry partnerships present difficult conflict of interest problems that are rarely dealt in a satisfactory manner by universities.
Notesill. ; 24 cm.Pt. 1. An Assessment of University-Business Partnerships. Sect. 1. A History of the Development of University-Business Partnerships, 1920-1980. Sect. 2. Government Assistance for University-Business Partnerships. Sect. 3. The Role of Private Business in the Development of University-Business Partnerships. Sect. 4. The Government-University-Industry Roundtable. Sect. 5. International Comparisons -- Pt. 2. An Evaluation of University-Business Partnerships. Sect. 1. Advantages of University-Business Partnerships. Sect. 2. Problems: Publication Delay, Secrecy, and the Withholding of Products. Sect. 3. Economic Risks. Sect. 4. Conflict-of-Interest Problems. Sect. 5. The Clash Between Academic Values and Business Values. Sect. 6. Issues of Distributive Justice. Sect. 7. Concluding Thoughts on University-Business Partnerships -- Pt. 3. Readings. Sect. 1. Contending Evaluations. 1. The Evolution of Research and Development Policy in a Corporation: A Case Study / W. G. Simeral.Includes bibliographical references (p. 259-276) and index.Norman E. Bowie. More Records: Show record informationBook
Short TitleUniversity-business partnerships : an assessment
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