A Benign Invasion : Case and Responses

TitleA Benign Invasion : Case and Responses
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMomeyer, R, Elliott, D, Lawry, RP, Mills, C, Vesilind, AP
JournalTeaching Ethics
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number21540551
KeywordsInformed , Informed Consent , PHILOSOPHY
AbstractWhen aliens finally make contact with Earth, they first disable all the nuclear weapons on the planet and in a letter appearing on every computer screen on earth, make themselves known to human population and tell them they can help solve global warming. After ten years of cooperation, in which the alien help has solved the global warming problem and greatly enhanced human life on earth, the aliens ask if the Earth population would be willing to participate in a program that would allow the aliens to greatly enhance their own life spans, which they can only do by eating human flesh. They outline a voluntary human husbandry program in which humans would donate ova and sperm and the children would subsequently be cloned, lovingly raised, and then slaughtered and sent to the alien's home planet to be eaten. The aliens ask if the humans would be willing to cooperate in this program. If they do, they would continue to benefit from the aliens' technology. If not, the aliens would simply depart. Includes four expert commentaries on the case, and a summary.
Short TitleA Benign Invasion : Case and Responses
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