The Temple Encroachment Issue

TitleThe Temple Encroachment Issue
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2009
PublisherBabson University, Giving Voice to Values
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsDiversity , professional , professional responsibility , PUBLIC , Public Policy
AbstractDuring an election period, a civil servant in India is faced with reporting to the election commission to make sure that the amount spent by contesting candidates is controlled and that no undue advantage is given to a group or political party during the election period. When she receives a complaint from a Muslim Builder who has received threats of violence if his new building in any way affects a neighboring Hindu Temple, part of which is built upon his land. Meanwhile local politicians begin to weigh on on the dilemma, asking her to not intervene as it would likely lead to disturbances in the community that might affect election results.
NotesCase from the Giving Voice to Values Project
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