Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum

TitleTeaching Ethics Across the Curriculum
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2004
Conference NameInnovative Teaching Showcase: Teaching Ethic Across the Curriculum
PublisherWestern Washington University, Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment
Place PublishedBellingham, WI
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsBIOLOGY , business , education , ENGINEERING , Instructional , Instructional Methods
AbstractThis web site outlines the major presentations of the 2004 Innovative Teaching Showcase sponsored by Western Washington University's Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment. The showcase this year featured presentations from three instructors who integrate the study of ethics into their courses. It covers teaching ethics in the areas of business, biology, and engineering. Each presentation includes a portfolio, videos of interviews with instructors and students in the course, and an outline of goals for ethics integration.
Short TitleTeaching Ethics Across the Curriculum
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