The environmental ethics and policy book : philosophy, ecology, economics

TitleThe environmental ethics and policy book : philosophy, ecology, economics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsVanDeVeer, D, Pierce, C
Paginationxx, 649 p.
PublisherWadsworth Pub. Co.
Place PublishedBelmont, Calif.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780534210304
Accession Number28375003
Call NumberLC: GF80; Dewey: 179/.1
KeywordsECONOMICS , ENVIRONMENTAL , ENVIRONMENTAL ethics , Environmental Sciences , Environnement , Éthique , Milieubeleid. , Milieuethiek. , Public Policy , Umweltethik. , Umweltpolitik.
AbstractCrossing disciplinary boundaries, this book looks at the economic reasoning and its implications for environmental policy issues while also looking at the broad range of ethical questions raised when looking at these areas. The book gives an introduction to moral theory, and then dedicates chapters to looking at issues of religious and cultural perspectives and the environment, animal rights, deep and social ecology, ecofeminism, and larger issues of how economics has and is likely to influence environmental policy, as well as presenting numerous opinions on when and how ethics should play a role in decision-making processes of this kind.
Notes24 cm.I. An Introduction to Ethical Theory. A. Moral Argument and Ethical Theory. B. Influential Ethical Ideas and Theories -- II. Western Religions and Environmental Attitudes -- III. The Other Animals -- IV. Constructing an Environmental Ethic. A. The Broader, Biotic Community. B. Approaches to Conflict Resolution. C. Deep Ecology and Social Ecology. D. Ecofeminism -- V. Economics, Ethics, and Ecology. A. Letting the Market Decide. B. Cost-Benefit Analysis. C. Ecological Sustainability -- VI. Problems and Environmental Policies. A. Human Population and Pressure on Resources. B. From the Commons to Property. C. Preserving Biodiversity. D. Forests and Wilderness. E. Degrading the Planet -- VII. Varieties of Activism.Includes bibliographical references (p. 641-649).Donald VanDeVeer, Christine Pierce. More Records: Show record informationBook
Short TitleThe environmental ethics and policy book : philosophy, ecology, economics
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