Environmental ethics

TitleEnvironmental ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsElliot, R
Series TitleOxford readings in philosophy
Paginationvi, 255 p.
PublisherOxford University Press
Place PublishedOxford ; New York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0198751443
Accession Number3713694
AbstractThis anthology offers a selection of some of the best articles on ethics and the environment written in the last twenty years. The essays focus on the philosophical issues underlying environmental ethics, and cover issues such as duties to future people, resource conservation, species and wilderness conservation, the relevance of ecology to ethics, ecofeminism, and tensions between political liberalism and environmentalism.
Notes£30.00£9.95edited by Robert Elliot.21 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Discounting versus maximum sustainable yield / Mary B. Williams -- Animal liberation : a triangular affair / J. Baird Callicott -- Duties to endangered species / Holmes Rolston III -- Faking nature / Robert Elliot -- Duties concerning islands / Mary Midgley -- Against the inevitability of human chauvinism / Richard Routley and Val Routley -- Attitudes to nature / John Passmore -- Value in nature and meaning in life / Freya Mathews -- Nature, self, and gender : feminism, environmental philosophy, and the critique of rationalism / Val Plumwood -- Can environmentalists be liberals? / Mark Sagoff -- Ecological theory and value in nature / Andrew A. Brennan -- Stasis : the unnatural value / Colleen D. Clements -- Philosophical problems for environmentalism / Elliott Sober.
Short TitleEnvironmental ethics
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