Taking sides. Clashing views on environmental issues

TitleTaking sides. Clashing views on environmental issues
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsEaston, TA
Series TitleTaking sides; Variation: Taking sides.
Edition13th , expand
Paginationxxx, 408 p.
Place PublishedBoston
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ISBN Number9780073514451; 0073514454
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AbstractThe thirteenth edition of this book looks at controversial issues in the field of environmental ethics in a debate-style format designed to stimulate student interest and develop critical thinking skills. An instructor's manual with testing material is available for each volume.
Notes24 cm.Preface -- Correlation guide -- Introduction -- Unit 1: Environmental Philosophy -- Issue 1: Is the precautionary principle a sound approach to risk analysis? -- Yes: Rise of the precautionary principle: a social movement gathers strength / Nancy Myers -- No: Precautionary principle: is it a threat to toxicological science? / Bernard D Goldstein -- Issue 2: Is sustainable development compatible with human welfare? -- Yes: European dream: building sustainable development in a globally connected world / Jeremy Rifkin -- No: Wilting Greens / Ronald Bailey -- Issue 3: Should a price be put on the goods and services provided by the world's ecosystems? -- Yes: Economic value of ecological services provided by insects / John E Losey and Mace Vaughan -- No: Pricing biodiversity and ecosystem services: the never-ending story / Marino Gatto and Giulio A De Leo -- Unit 2: Principles Versus Politics -- Issue 4: Should the endangered species act be strengthened? -- Yes: Testimony before the oversight hearing on the endangered species act / John Kostyack -- No: Testimony before the oversight hearing on the endangered species act / Monita Fontaine -- Issue 5: Should the EPA be doing more to fight environmental injustice? -- Yes: Environmental justice programs, statement before the Subcommittee on Superfund and Environmental Health, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works / Robert D Bullard -- No: Environmental justice programs, statement before the Subcommittee on Superfund and Environmental Health, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works / Granta Y Nakayama -- Issue 6: Can pollution rights trading effectively control environmental problems? -- Yes: Carbon trading / James Allen and Anthony White -- No: Trading away the earth: pollution credits and the perils of 'free market environmentalism' / Brian Tokar -- Unit 3: Energy Issues -- Issue 7: Should the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be opened to oil drilling? -- Yes: To drill or not to drill / Dwight R Lee -- No: Senate Energy Committee / Jeff Bingaman et al -- Issue 8: Is global warming skepticism just smoke and mirrors? -- Yes: Smoke, mirrors & hot air: how ExxonMobil uses big tobacco's tactics to manufacture uncertainty on climate science / Seth Schulman et al -- No: Liberal scientists lead Jihad against global-warming skeptics / Ivan Osorio, Iain Murray, and Myron Ebell -- Issue 9: Is wind power green? -- Yes: Whither wind? / Charles Komanoff -- No: Wayward wind?, speech given in the township of Perry, near Silver Lake, Wyoming County, New York / Jon Boone -- Issue 10: Should cars be more efficient? -- Yes: CAFE standards, testimony before Committee on Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation / David Friedman -- No: Why the government's CAFE standards for fuel efficiency should be repealed, not increased / Charli E Coon -- Issue 11: Do biofuels enhance energy security? -- Yes: Testimony before Committee on Senate Energy and Natural Resources / Bob Dinneen -- No: Biofuels-facts and fiction / Mark Anslow -- Issue 12: Is it time to revive nuclear power? -- Yes: Testimony before the United States Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, Hearing on the Department of Energy's Nuclear Power 2010 Program / Michael J Wallace -- No: Brave nuclear world, part II / Karen Charman -- Unit 4: Food And Population -- Issue 13: Do falling birthrates pose a threat to human welfare? -- Yes: Birth dearth / Michael Meyer -- No: Fewer the better / David Nicholson-Lord -- Issue 14: Is genetic engineering the answer to hunger? -- Yes: Is genetic engineering the answer to hunger?" / Gerald D Coleman -- No: Genetic engineering is not the answer / Sean McDonagh -- Issue 15: Is a large-scale shift to organic farming the best way to increase world food supply? -- Yes: Can organic farming feed us all? / Brian Halweil -- No: Organic myth: a food movement makes a pest of itself / John J Miller -- Unit 5: Toxic Chemicals -- Issue 16: Should DDT be banned worldwide? -- Yes: Malaria, mosquitoes, and DDT / Anne Platt McGinn -- No: Statement before the US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, Hearing on the Role of Science in Environmental Policy-Making / Donald R Roberts -- Issue 17: Do environmental hormone mimics pose a potentially serious health threat? -- Yes: Hazards of environmental estrogens / Michele L Trankina -- No: Endocrine disrupters, politics, pesticides, the cost of food and health / Michael Gough -- Issue 18: Is the Superfund Program successfully protecting human health from hazardous materials? -- Yes: Superfund matures gracefully / Robert H Harris, Jay Vandeven, and Mike Tilchin -- No: Not in their backyard / Randall Patterson -- Issue 19: Should the United States reprocess spent nuclear fuel? -- Yes: Statement before the House Committee on Science, Energy Subcommittee, Hearing on Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing / Phillip J Finck -- No: Case against a near-term decision to reprocess spent nuclear fuel in the United States / Matthew Bunn -- Issue 20: Is carbon capture technology ready to limit carbon emissions? -- Yes: Carbon capture and sequestration, testimony before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality / David G Hawkins -- No: Carbon capture & storage: blue-sky technology or just blowing smoke? / Charles W Schmidt -- Issue 21: Should North America's landscape be restored to its pre-human state? -- Yes: Restoring America's big, wild animals / C Josh Donlan -- No: Pleistocene Park: does re-wilding North America represent sound conservation for the 21st century? / Dustin R Rubenstein, Daniel I Rubenstein, Paul W Sherman, and Thomas A Gavin -- Contributors.Includes bibliographical references.Clashing views on environmental issues; Environmental issuesselected, edited, and with introductions by Thomas Easton. 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