Rethinking "Liberal Eugenics" : Reflections and Questions on Habermas on Bioethics

TitleRethinking "Liberal Eugenics" : Reflections and Questions on Habermas on Bioethics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsPrusak, BG
JournalHastings Center Report
Type of ArticleArticle
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number00930334
Accession Number19141687
KeywordsBIOETHICS , Eugenics , Genetic , HABERMAS , Juergen , POLITICAL
AbstractThe article focuses on the views of German political philosopher Jürgen Habermas regarding bioethics. The moral and political significance of prenatal genetic engineering or enhancement which could affect the person's relation to his body was examined. There are argument against the so-called positive eugenics which is against practices that seek to improve a child's genetic makeup.
NotesPrusak, Bernard G.; Source Info: Nov/Dec2005, Vol. 35 Issue 6, p31; Subject Term: BIOETHICS; Subject Term: POLITICAL science -- Philosophy; Subject Term: GENETIC engineering; Subject Term: EUGENICS; People: HABERMAS, Juergen; Number of Pages: 12p; Document Type: Article
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