When evil intrudes

TitleWhen evil intrudes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
JournalHastings Center Report
Type of ArticleArticle
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number00930334
Accession Number9301241047
Keywordsresearch , Syphilis
AbstractDiscusses the disclosure of the Tuskegee study in the popular media in 1972. Concerns expressed by Peter Buxtun of the US Public Health Service; Front-page stories run by the `Washington Star' and `New York Times'; Centers for Disease Control; Creation of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research; The `bad ethics, therefore bad science' argument; More. INSET: `Syphilis Victims Got No Therapy.'..
NotesSource Info: Nov/Dec92, Vol. 22 Issue 6, p29; Subject Term: SYPHILIS; Subject Term: RESEARCH; Number of Pages: 4p; Document Type: Article; Full Text Word Count: 2802
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