Research Ethics Training Curriculum, Second Edition

TitleResearch Ethics Training Curriculum, Second Edition
Publication TypeTeaching Module
Year of Publication2009
Pagination444 p.
PublisherFamily Health International
Publication Languageeng
AbstractThis massive publication introduces readers to a curriculum for training researchers in the responsible conduct of research involving human subjects. It has been used in the past for training seminars all over the world, including developing countries. It includes an overview of the main ethical principles to be considered in the development and conduct of research involving human participants, and includes guidance to assist researchers in designing studies that are respectful of local cultures, regulations and expectations. The guide also includes case studies to illustrate main ethical issues, and ancillary reference documents on modern perspectives that shape the research ethics fields, including changes in the understanding of informed consent. This web site also includes a curriculum guide for introducing local community representatives to the ethical principles governing research involving human participants.
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