Environmental justice : creating equality, reclaiming democracy

TitleEnvironmental justice : creating equality, reclaiming democracy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsShrader-Frechette, KS
Series TitleEnvironmental Ethics and Science Policy
Paginationxiii, 269 p.
PublisherOxford University Press
Place PublishedOxford ; New York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0195152034
Accession Number4521455
Keywordsbusiness , BUSINESS ethics , ENGINEERING , ENVIRONMENTAL , ENVIRONMENTAL ethics , Workplace Safety
AbstractThis book is a collection of nine essays looking at key concepts involved in environmental justice, including equality, property rights, procedural injustice, free informed consent, and just compensation. The author argues that the burdens of pollution and resource depletion need to be apportioned more equally, and that there are compelling ethical reasons for remedying our environmental problems. She also discusses the rights of workers to know about workplace dangers, and that individuals who are directly affected by environmental problems be directly included in the process of remedying these problems. The volume also includes a detailed discussion of a number of case studies involving environmental justice.
Notes2001055422GBA2-W0177(Kristin Sharon)Kristin Shrader-Frechette.25 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.
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