Ethics and environmental policy : theory meets practice

TitleEthics and environmental policy : theory meets practice
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsHartel, P, Ferré, F
Paginationxvi, 283 p.
PublisherUniversity of Georgia Press
Place PublishedAthens
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0820316571
Accession Number3655539
AbstractIn this collection of essays, leading environmentalists and philosophers explore the relationship between environmental ethics and policy, both in theory and practice. The first section of the book focuses on four approaches to change in ethical theory: ecological science, feminist metaphysics, Chinese philosophy, and holistic postmodern technology. In subsequent sections the contributors emphasize the need for nontraditional solutions and attempt to expand awareness of the most pressing practical problems. Among the topics discussed are the possibilities of real international cooperation, the inequitable but economically intractable issue of global gasses, the political and ethical challenges of city planning, and the growing evidence of fundamental inappropriateness in treating land as legal private property.
Notesedited by Frederick Ferré and Peter Hartel.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references (p. 255-269) and index.Introduction : where are we headed? / Victoria Davion -- Grounding environmental ethics in ecological science / Frank B. Golley -- Come inside the circle of creation : the ethics of attunement / Elizabeth Dodson Gray -- Evolution of environmental ethics : a Chinese perspective / Yu-shi Mao -- The role of technology in the evolving concept of nature / J. Baird Callicott -- Efficiency and equity in international environmental cooperation / Ignazio Musu -- Toward a "Houston protocol" : how to allocate CO b2 s emission reductions between north and south / Udo E. Simonis -- The political consequences of an environmental question / Corrado Poli -- Environmental law and the eclipse of land as private property / Gary E. Varner -- Red war, Green Peace / Erazim Kohák -- An apologia for activism : global responsibility, ethical advocacy, and environmental problems / Kristin Shrader-Fréchette -- Can environmental ethics save the world? / Alastair S. Gunn -- Winning and losing in environmental ethics / Holmes Rolston III -- Where do we go from here? / Bryan Norton and Eugene Hargrove -- Epilogue : reflecting on the reflections / Frederick Ferré.
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