Ethics and technology : ethical issues in an age of information and communication technology

TitleEthics and technology : ethical issues in an age of information and communication technology
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
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ISBN Number9780471998037
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AbstractOffering insights and coverage of the field of cyberethics, this book introduces readers to issues in computer ethics. The author combines his years of experience in the field with coverage of concepts and real-world case studies.
Notes2nd ed.ill. ; 24 cm.Introduction to cyberethics : concepts, perspectives, and methodological frameworks -- Ethical concepts and ethical theories : establishing and justifying a moral system -- Critical thinking skills and logical arguments : tools for evaluating cyberethics issues -- Professional ethics, codes of conduct, and moral responsibility -- Privacy and cyberspace -- Security in cyberspace -- Cybercrime and cyberrelated crimes -- Intellectual property disputes in cyberspace -- Regulating commerce and speech in cyberspace -- Social inclusion, the digital divide, and the transformation of work : the impact for class, race, and gender -- Community and identity in cyberspace : ethical aspects of virtual-reality and artificial-intelligence technologies -- Pervasive computing and converging technologies : ethical aspects of ambient intelligence, bioinformatics, and nanocomputing.Contributor biographical information description bibliographical references and index.National bibliography no: GBA672038Ethics & technologyHerman T. Tavani. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20071015
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