Web search : multidisciplinary perspectives

TitleWeb search : multidisciplinary perspectives
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSpink, A, Zimmer, M
Series TitleInformation science and knowledge management,
Paginationxi, 351 p.
Place PublishedBerlin
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number1568-1300
Accession Number5715726
Call NumberNorthern Illinois University
KeywordsInternet , Web
AbstractThis collection of essays investigates the social, cultural, ethical and political impact of web search engines from a non-technical perspective, looking at how these technologies impact the different spheres of our lives, including the private and the public.
Notes2007938412GBA782246014057804Amanda Spink, Michael Zimmer, editors.ill. ; 25 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction / A. Spink and M. Zimmer -- Through the Google goggles : sociopolitical bias in search engine design / A. Diaz -- Reconsidering the rhizome : a textual analysis of Web search engines as gatekeepers of the internet / A. Hess -- Exploring gendered notions : gender, job hunting, and web searches / R.M. Martey -- Searching ethics : the role of search engines in the construction and distribution of knowledge / L.M. Hinman -- The gaze of the perfect search engine : Google as an infrastructure of dataveillance / M. Zimmer -- Search engine liability for copyright infringement / B. Fitzgerald, D. O'Brien, and A. Fitzgerald -- Search engine bias and the demise of search engine utopianism / E. Goldman -- The democratizing effects of search engine use : on chance exposures and organizational hubs / A. Lev-On -- 'Googling' terrorists: are Northern Irish terrorists visible on internet search engines? / P. Reilly.The history of the internet search engine : navigational media and the traffic commodity / E. Van Couvering -- Toward a Web search information behavior model / S.A. Knight and A. Spink -- Web searching for health : theoretical foundations and connections to health related outcomes / M.J. Dutta and G.D. Bodie -- Search engines and expertise about global issues : well-defined landscape or undomesticated wilderness? / J. Fry, S. Virkar, and R. Schroeder -- Conceptual models for search engines / D.G. Hendry and E.N. Efthimiadis -- Web searching : a quality measurement perspective / D. Lewandowski and N. H
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