The handbook of information and computer ethics

TitleThe handbook of information and computer ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHimma, KE, Tavani, HT
Paginationxxxi, 671 p.
Place PublishedHoboken, N.J.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number0471799599
Accession Number9282153
KeywordsDataprocessing. , Electronic , Ethische
AbstractThis collection of essays provides an accessible overview of information and computer ethics, including foundational issues and methodological frameworks, issues of responsibility and professionalism, as well as regulatory issues and challenges. Includes: Foundations of Information Ethics - Luciano Floridi; Milestones in the History of Information Ethics (Terrell Ward Bynum; Moral Methodology and Information Technology - Jeroen van den Hoven; Value Sensitive Design and Information Systems - Batya Friedman, Peter H. Kahn, and Alan Borning; Personality-Based, Rule Utilitarian, and Lockean Justifications of Intellectual Property (Adam D. Moore; Informational Privacy: Concepts, Theories, and Controversies - Herman T. Tavani; Online Anonymity - Kathleen A. Wallace; Ethical Issues Involving Computer Security: Hacking, Hacktivism, and Counterhacking - Kenneth Einar Himma; Information Ethics and the Library Profession - Kay Mathiesen and Don Fallis; Ethical Interest in Free and Open Source Software - Frances S. Grodzinsky and Marty J. Wolf; Internet Research Ethics: The Field and its Critical Issues - Elizabeth A. Buchanan and Charles Ess; Health Information Technology: Challenges in Ethics, Science, and Uncertainty (Kenneth W. Goodman; Ethical Issues of Information and Business - Bernd Carsten Stahl; Responsibilities for Information on the Internet - Anton Vedder; Virtual Reality and Computer Simulation - Philip Brey; Genetic Information: Epistemological and Ethical Issues - Antonio Marturano; The Ethics of Cyber Conflict - Dorothy E. Denning; A Practical Mechanism for Ethical Risk Assessment - A SoDIS Inspection - Don Gotterbarn, Tony Clear, and Choon-Tuck Kwan; Regulation and Governance on the Internet - John Weckert and Yeslam Al-Saggaf; Information Overload - David M. Levy; Email Spam - Keith W. Miller and James H. Moor; The Matter of Plagiarism: What, Why, and If - John Snapper; Intellectual Property: Legal and Moral Challenges of Online File Sharing - Richard A. Spinello; Censorship and Access to Information - Kay Mathiesen; The Gender Agenda in Computer Ethics - Alison Adam; The Digital Divide: Perspective for the Future - Maria Canellopoulou-Botti and Kenneth Einar Himma; Intercultural Information Ethics - Rafael Capurro.
Notes2007044568GBA822472014530697edited by Kenneth Einar Himma and Herman T. Tavani.ill. ; 24 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Foreword / Deborah G. Johnson -- Introduction / Kenneth Einar Himma, Herman T. Tavani -- Foundations of information ethics / Luciano Floridi -- Milestones in the history of information and computer ethics / Terrell Ward Bynum -- Moral methodology and information technology / Jeroen van den Hoven -- Value sensitive design and information systems / Batya Friedman, Peter H. Kahn Jr., Alan Borning -- Personality-based, rule-utilitarian, and Lockean justifications of intellectual property / Adam D. Moore -- Informational privacy: concepts, theories, and controversies / Herman T. Tavani -- Online anonymity / Kathleen A. Wallace -- Ethical issues involving computer security: hacking, hacktivism, and counterhacking / Kenneth Einar Himma -- Information ethics and the library profession / Kay Mathiesen, Don Fallis -- Ethical interest in free and open source software / Frances S. Grodzinsky, Marty J. Wolf -- Internet research ethics: the field and its critical issues / Elizabeth A. Buchanan, Charles Ess -- Health information technology: challenges in ethics, science, and uncertainty / Kenneth W. Goodman -- Ethical issues of information and business / Bernd Carsten Stahl -- Responsibilities for information on the internet / Anton Vedder -- Virtual reality and computer simulation / Philip Brey -- Genetic information: epistemological and ethical issues / Antonio Marturano -- The ethics of cyber conflict / Dorothy E. Denning -- A practical mechanism for ethical risk assessment : a So DIS inspection / Don Gotterbarn, Tony Clear, Choon-Tuck Kwan -- Regulation and governance of the internet / John Weckert, Yeslam Al-Saggaf -- Information overload / David M. Levy -- Email spam / Keith W. Miller, James H. Moor -- The matter of plagiarism: what, why, and if / John Snapper -- Intellectual property: legal and moral challenges of online file sharing / Richard A. Spinello -- Censorship and access to expression / Kay Mathiesen -- The gender agenda in computer ethics / Alison Adam -- The digital divide: a perspective for the future / Maria Canellopoulou-Bottis, Kenneth Einar Himma -- Intercultural information ethics / Rafael Capurro.
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