Information generation : how data rules our world

TitleInformation generation : how data rules our world
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsHand, DJ
Paginationx, 246 p.
Place PublishedOxford
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number185168445X
Accession Number5295044
Keywordsinformation , Statistics.
AbstractThis volume discusses the seminal role that data and statistics play in our lives and how the advance of our civilization has come hand in hand with our ability to collect and interpret data. The author takes a philosophical perspective, and looks at how data can be used to solve problems in real world applications and the scientific methodology used for this kinds of applications. He also discusses how bad practices in data analysis can lead to misleading conclusions and create confusion, and the deliberate misuse of data and how it can be detected.
NotesGBA630051013420954David J. Hand.ill. ; 23 cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.Let there be light -- The origins of data -- A lever to move the world -- Big brother's eyes -- Modern data science -- In data we trust -- Deception and dishonesty with data.
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