Free speech in the new media

TitleFree speech in the new media
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGibbons, T
Series TitleLibrary of essays in media law; Variation: Library of essays in media law.
Paginationxxiii, 557 p.
PublisherBurlington, VT
Place PublishedFarnham, Surrey, England
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780754627913 (hbk.)
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Call NumberLC: K3254; Dewey: 342.0853
Keywordsfreedom , Mass , TELECOMMUNICATION
AbstractThis volume discusses the question if governments should have the authority to regulate the content of new media that is based on digital technology. The author examines whether new approaches to freedom of expression are required in the digital era, should there be some form of censorship for public broadcasting and its equivalent in online environments, and if there is a role for public service broadcasting in the digital era.
NotesAshgate26 cm.Freedom of the press and public access : toward a theory of partial regulation of the mass media / Lee C. Bollinger, Jr. -- Broadcasting and speech / Jonathan Weinberg -- Converging First Amendment principles for converging communications media / Thomas G. Krattenmaker and L.A. Powe, Jr. -- Digital speech and democratic culture : a theory of freedom of expression for the information society / Jack M. Balkin -- Media freedom and political debate in the digital era / Jacob Rowbottom -- Culture and consumerism : citizenship, public service broadcasting and the BBC's fair trading obligations / Georgina Born and Tony Prosser -- European controls on member state promotion and regulation of the public service broadcasting and broadcasting standards / Mike Varney -- A marketplace approach to broadcast regulation / Mark S. Fowler and Daniel L. Brenner -- You can't say "God" on the radio : freedom of expression, religious advertising and the broadcast media after Murphy v Ireland / Andrew Geddis -- "A monstrous and unjustifiable infringement"? : political expression and the broadcasting ban on advocacy advertising / Andrew Scott -- The newness of new technology / Monroe E. Price -- Beyond Madison? : the U.S. Supreme Court and the regulation of sexually explicit expression / Ian Cram -- The revised television without frontiers directive : is it fit for the next century? / Berend Jan Drijber -- Media convergence and the regulation of audiovisual content : is the European Community's audiovisual media services directive fit for purpose? / Rachael Craufurd Smith -- The value of commercial speech / Colin R. Munro.Includes bibliographical references and index.edited by Thomas Gibbons. More Records: Show record informationBook
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