Digital media ethics

TitleDigital media ethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsEss, C
Series TitleDigital media and society series; Variation: Digital media and society series.
Paginationxxi, 256 p.
Place PublishedCambridge
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780745641638 (hbk.)
Accession Number251890813
Call NumberLC: QA76.9.M65; Dewey: 175
KeywordsDigital , Ethik. , M , Neue
AbstractThis book explores the issues central to digital media ethics, including questions bout privacy, intellectual property, citizenship, and ethical issues connected with the digital production of pornography and gaming. The author discusses how ethical theories can be used to explore the ethical issues being discussed in each chapter. The author uses examples from around the world, such as diverse understandings of what 'privacy' means in "Facebook" or "MySpace"; why pirating CDs and DVDs may be justified in developing countries; and, culturally-variable perspectives on sexuality and what counts as 'pornography' Each chapter further includes additional resources and suggestions for further research and writing.
Notes22 cm.Central issues in the ethics of digital media -- Privacy in the electronic global metropolis? -- Copying and distributing via digital media: copyright, copyleft, global perspectives -- Citizenship in the global metropolis -- Still more ethical issues: digital sex and games -- Digital media ethics: overview, frameworks, resources.Includes bibliographical references (p. 228-244) and index.Charles Ess. More Records: Show record informationBook
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