Philosophy of technology : an introduction

TitlePhilosophy of technology : an introduction
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsDusek, V
Paginationv, 244 p.
PublisherBlackwell Pub.
Place PublishedMalden, MA ; Oxford
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9781405111638
Accession Number14093725
KeywordsComputer Ethics , engineering ethics , philosophy of science , technology
AbstractThis book takes a look at the relationships between philosophy of science and technology, and explores the interesting philosophical questions that arise as technology becomes an integral part of our society. Recommended as an introductory text to the subject.
Notes2005025431Val Dusek.24 cm.Includes bibliographical references (p. 211-233) and index.Philosophy of science and technology -- What is technology? : defining or characterizing technology -- Technocracy -- Rationality, technological rationality, and reason -- Phenomenology, hermeneutics, and technology -- Technological determinism -- Autonomous technology -- Human nature : tool-making or language? -- Women, feminism, and technology -- Non-western technology and local knowledge -- Anti-technology : romanticism, Luddism, and the ecology movement -- Social constructionism and actor-network theory.
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