Survival Skills for Researchers : The Responsible Conduct of Research

TitleSurvival Skills for Researchers : The Responsible Conduct of Research
Publication TypeSyllabi
Year of Publication2003
Date PublishedSpring 2003
PublisherMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Publication Languageeng
AbstractThis course is designed to provide graduate students and postdoctoral associations with techniques to enhance both validity and responsible conduct in scientific practice. The course combines discussions about the practical steps for developing skills in scientific research with discussions of case studies and covers areas such as a study design, issues of authorship and peer review, use of humans and non-humans in research, allegations of misconduct, and intellectual property. This course also satisfies the training grant requirements of the NIH for education in the responsible conduct of research. The course web site includes a syllabus, reading list, assignment, and lecture notes. Access to this material is provided through MIT OpenCourseware.
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