Dilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics : Playing God or Doing Good?

TitleDilemmas in Bio-Medical Ethics : Playing God or Doing Good?
Publication TypeSyllabi
Year of Publication2005
PublisherMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Place PublishedCambridge, MA
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsANTHROPOLOGY , BIOETHICS , ethics courses , MEDICINE , Science and Technology Studies
AbstractThis course, taught in Spring 2005 by Erica James of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers an introduction to the cross-cultural study of biomedical ethics. Readings and lectures explore the moral foundations of science and the the practice of western medicine through case studies of abortion, contraception, and cloning, as well as questions involving emerging medical technologies and the availability of medical services around the world. The course web site includes a syllabus, readings, assignments and lecture notes. This course is made accessible through MIT Open Courseware.
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