Children of Illegal Immigrants

TitleChildren of Illegal Immigrants
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2010
Date Published08/2010
PublisherAssociation for Practical and Professional Ethics
Publication Languageeng
AbstractAs concern over illegal immigration has become a hot topic in U.S. politics, some have begun to question the wisdom of granting automatic citizenship for anyone born on U.S. soil. Opponents of citizen-by-birth provisions argue that these measures increase illegal immigration because it may encourage pregnant women to undertake risky journeys across teh border in hopes of securing a better future for their children, as well as creating an incentive for illegal immigrants already in the country to increase their family size, though they are unlikely to have contributed to the tax system that supports the benefits their U.S.-born children shall receive. Proponents argue that punishing children for the illegal actions of their parents is both unwise and unjust. Children have no say in where they are born, and returning to their parents' home country may be difficult or impossible.
NotesAssociation of Practical and Professional Ethics Regional Cases 2010
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