Environmental ethics today

TitleEnvironmental ethics today
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsWenz, PS
PublisherOxford University Press
Publication Languageeng
ISBN NumberISBN: 0195133846; 9780195133844; LCCN: 00-58895
Accession Number44627055
KeywordsENVIRONMENTAL , Éthique , Milieuethiek. , Umweltethik.
AbstractThis book gives a wide-ranging introduction to major issues and questions in environmental ethics, including topics such as pollution permits for corporations, medical experimentation on animals, genetic engineering, economic globalization, and biodiversity. The book also introduces readers to ethical theories and methods such as utilitarianism, contractarianism, and hermeneutics to help readers understand and attempt to resolve environmental conflicts.
Notesill. ; 24 cm.pt. 1. Anthropocentrism -- Overpopulation, markets, and human rights -- Energy, economics, and future generations -- Competing human-centered values -- pt. 2. Nonanthropocentrism -- Animal liberation and utilitarianism -- Animal rights and medical research -- Species diversity and Gaia -- The land ethic -- pt. 3. Environmental synergism -- Human rights, agriculture, and biodiversity -- Ecofeminism and environmental justice -- Religion and nature -- pt. 4. Applications -- Personal choices, consumerism, and human nature -- Public policies, efficiency, and globalization -- Final reflections: Is optimism justified?Table of contents onlyhttp://www.loc.gov/catdir/enhancements/fy0610/00058895-t.htmlIncludes bibliographical references and index.National bibliography no: GBA1-14771Peter S. Wenz. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20000714
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