Preventing Disputes with Empathy

TitlePreventing Disputes with Empathy
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsVallero, DA, Vesilind, PA
JournalJournal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & Practice
Type of ArticleAbstract
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number10523928
Accession Number21215331
KeywordsConflict , Dispute , EMPATHY , ENGINEERING , ENGINEERS , ENVIRONMENTAL , ethics , INDUSTRIAL , safety
AbstractThe engineer can prevent future disputes and failed engineering projects by employing a design strategy that incorporates empathy in all professional matters. The authors discuss how empathy can be included as part of the design process and use a case study to show how the lack of empathy can result in a failed engineering design.
NotesVallero, D. A. 1; Email Address: Vesilind, P. A. 2; Email Address:; Affiliation: 1: Adjunct Professor of Engineering Ethics, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke Univ., Durham, NC 27708 2: Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and R.L. Rooke Chair, Historical and Societal Context of Engineering, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, PA 178374; Source Info: Jul2006, Vol. 132 Issue 3, p272; Subject Term: EMPATHY; Subject Term: CONFLICT management; Subject Term: ENGINEERS; Subject Term: ETHICS; Subject Term: INDUSTRIAL safety; Author-Supplied Keyword: Dispute resolution; Author-Supplied Keyword: Engineering profession; Author-Supplied Keyword: Environmental issues; Author-Supplied Keyword: Ethics; Author-Supplied Keyword: Safety; Number of Pages: 7p; Illustrations: 1 Map; Document Type: Abstract
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