Biomedical ethics : opposing viewpoints

TitleBiomedical ethics : opposing viewpoints
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsO'Neill, T
Series TitleOpposing viewpoints series; Variation: Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)
Pagination312 p.
PublisherGreenhaven Press
Place PublishedSan Diego, CA
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9781565100626
Accession Number28254777
Call NumberLC: R724; Dewey: 174/.2; NLM: 1993 A-817; W 50
KeywordsBio-ethiek. , Bioethics. , ethics , Medical , Medical. , Medische
AbstractPresents opposing viewpoints on biomedical ethics issues such as genetic engineering, organ transplants, medical use of fetal tissue, and reproductive technology.
Notesill. ; 22 cm.Biological patents promote progress / Lisa J. Raines -- Biological patents affront human values / Andrew Kimbrell -- Individuals own all rights to their body cells / George J. Annas -- Scientists should be able to own cells they have altered / Margaret S. Swain & Randy W. Marusyk -- Randomized human experimentation is essential to biomedical research / Eugene Passamani -- Randomized human experimentation is not essential to biomedical research / Samuel Hellman & Deborah S. Hellman -- The buying and selling of organs raises serious ethical questions / Leon R. Kass -- The buying and selling of organs saves lives / Ronald Bailey -- More organs for transplants must be found / Joel L. Swerdlow & Fred H. Cate -- The search for organs is dehumanizing / Renée C. Fox & Judith P. Swazey -- Alcoholics should have low priority for organ transplants / Alvin H. Moss & Marvin Siegler -- Alcoholism should not affect organ transplant priorities / Carl Cohen, Martin Benjamin & the Ethics and Social Impact Committee of the Transplant and Health Policy Center -- Fetal tissue is essential to medical research / Daniel J. Garry ... [et al.] -- Fetal tissue efficacy has not been proven / Michael Fumento -- Fetal tissue research offers hope to disease victims / Jeff Goldberg & Anne Hollister -- Fetal tissue research is immoral / Sharon Fish -- The use of fetal tissue would encourage abortion / Rebecca Ryskind -- The use of fetal tissue would not encourage abortion / The American Jewish Congress Bio-Ethics Task Force -- Reproductive technologies offer hope to the childless / Judy Berlfein -- Reproductive technologies offer false hope and serious risks / Barbara Katz Rothman -- Reproductive technologies harm women / Janice G. Raymond -- Women want reproductive technologies / Lene Koch -- Surrogate mothers contribute a valuable service to society / Peter H. Schuck -- Society should not condone surrogate mothering / Thomas Shannon -- Animal research saves human lives / Richard Pothier -- Animal research is unnecessary / Jean Bethke Elshtain -- Animal rights protesters disrupt valuable research / John G. Hubbell -- Animal research teaches little / Roger E. Ulrich -- Humans should be allowed to receive animal organ transplants / Arthur L. Caplan -- Humans should not be allowed to receive animal organs / James Lindemann Nelson -- Genetic research on animals will benefit humanity / Caroline Murphy -- Genetic research on animals oversteps human rights / Carol Grunewald -- Genetic research threatens the concept of humanness / Howard L. Kaye -- Genetic research broadens the understanding of humanness / J. Robert Nelson -- Genetic engineering should be unrestricted / The Economist -- Genetic engineering should be restricted to medical therapy / W. French Anderson -- Genetic testing can aid those at risk of genetic disease / Catherine V. Hayes -- Genetic testing will lead to discrimination / Theresa Morelli, interviewed by Vicki Quade.Includes bibliographical references and index.Terry O'Neill, book editor. More Records: Show record informationBook
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