Observing bioethics

TitleObserving bioethics
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsFox, RC, Swazey, JP, Watkins, JC
PublisherOxford University Press
Place PublishedNew York
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780195365559
Accession Number175056041
Keywords20th , BIOETHICS , Bioethik. , history , Medical , SOCIOLOGY , USA.
AbstractThis book examines the history of bioethics as a discipline related not only the the fields of medicine, biology and biotechnology, but also to the core values and beliefs of American society and its courts legislatures and media. The book looks at a number of case studies of how the media coverage major scientific advances and events that involved large bioethical questions (such as the cloning of the sheep Dolly) as well as the development of the field of bioethics internationally. The authors also take a critical look of some of the characteristics of the bioethics field, especially the troubling extent to which the "culture wars" have penetrated bioethics.
NotesOxford University Press25 cm.The coming of bioethics -- The coming of bioethicists -- "Choices on our conscience": the inauguration of the Kennedy Institute of Education -- "Hello, Dolly": bioethics in the media -- Celebrating bioethics and bioethicists -- Thinking socially and culturally in bioethics -- Reminiscences of observing participants -- Bioethics circles the globe -- Bioethics in France -- The development of bioethics in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan -- The coming of the culture wars to American bioethics.Includes bibliographical references (p. 347-371) and index.Renée C. Fox and Judith P. Swazey ; with the assistance of Judith C. Watkins. More Records: Show record informationInternet resource (url)Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20071011
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