Women in engineering. Professional life

TitleWomen in engineering. Professional life
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLayne, M
Paginationxi, 257 p.
PublisherAmerican Society of Civil Engineers
Place PublishedReston, Va.
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number9780784409916
Accession Number311310189
Call NumberLC: TA157; Dewey: 305.43/62
AbstractThis anthology examines the current state of employment opportunities for women, the gender gap, and opportunities for career advancement for women in engineering. The anthology discusses women in engineering from 1920 to the present, provides career advice for women, and details the triumphs and challenges women have faced in the engineering field.
Notes23 cm.Civil engineering / Elsie Eaves -- The outlook for women in architecture and engineering / U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau -- Employment opportunities for women in professional engineering / U.S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau -- Women in engineering / Society of Women Engineers -- Why don't American women go into engineering? / Sigrid Marczoch -- Brighter prospects for women in engineering / Naomi McAfee -- Exploring the corporate climate for women engineers / Betty Vetter -- The shortage of engineers is no laughing matter / Lauren Kata -- The gendered construction of engineering profession in the United States, 1893-1920 / Lisa Frehill -- The culture of engineering: woman, workplace, and machine / Sally Hacker -- Engineering and the female mind / Samuel Florman -- Women in engineering: a promise unfulfilled? / J. Gregg Robinson and Judith S. McIlwee -- Women in engineering: an untapped resource / Catalyst -- Women in engineering: politics in the making of a statistical category / Juan Lucena -- Telling stories about engineering: group dynamics and resistance to diversity / Cynthia Burack and Suzanne Franks -- A new world: the terrain for women in engineering / Paul Rayman and Julie Pearson Stewart.Includes bibliographical references and index.Margaret E. Layne. More Records: Show record informationBook
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